Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cheez!! It's been busy the past few days!!

I got next to nothing done that I intended after my round of midnight shifts. I did get "The Song" mostly recorded though I want to go back and add mandolin and/or fiddle to it. It came out even better than I had hoped! I'll have to see if Steve can do an MP3 file of it and put it up on line somewhere for people to listen to. I was even late for the Southwest Kansas Art Educators exhibit opening Saturday night at the Carnegie Arts Center as I wasn't feeling well all day Saturday. That's about all the positive things I accomplished in the past few days aside from rehearsals for Noises Off which are going swimmingly if I do say so myself! On top of my miscues, the Direct TV people who were supposed to come Thursday afternoon and put in our local channels didn't make it and I had to rescheduled them for next Friday.

Crazy time now... Linda says the big statue for the Dodge City Trail of Fame may get here this coming week and then, of course, we have the Beaux Arts Ball this coming Saturday which I have to get ready for. I'll have to give a short talk for that and I have no idea what to say. Paul said he'd help me with ideas so that will be a relief.

Mostly, right now, I miss Carolyn and the two fur kids who are all in Georgia.

Somehow I should find a little time for work.........

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Last midnight shift!!! Yippeee!!

Less than two hours to go for this last night shift for about 3 weeks! One thing about it though, working nights allows you to avoid all the useless "drones" that inhabit this place during the day. I'm constantly amazed at how we got by just fine for all those years without them. To hear it from them, that would be impossible. Oh, the joys of a bureaucracy!!

Been watching Ivan this morning taking a bead on the gulf coast. It could get ugly down there - this thing reminds me a lot of Camille, but, of course, we didn't have all the wonderful satellite pictures back then. I'm a little concerned for Carolyn and the kids in north Georgia. Even if they don't get the hurricane force winds, they are going to get a lot of rain. It might even linger into the weekend and ruin the show that she was going to do. I hope not becuase she was counting on that one....

I wonder what it is that makes people think they should stay when everyone around them is evacuating because of the storm? After having seen what these things do, there's no way I'd hang around waiting to be drown. I guess it's the old "Can't happen to me syndrome"! Either that or simple natural selection at work... ;-)

Good rehearsal tonight! Everyone is doing great. Joe was out sick so I hope he's feeling better by tonight.

I'll just catch a little nap this morning then start running errands - groceries, land-fill, TOF stuff, Arts Council software, yada - yada - yada - I'll be in and out if you're trying to get in touch with me.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Damn! I screwed up the link to the MG pictures.....

So here goes again...... Hope this works........

Thanks and no thanks....

First, thanks to "The Seth" for including my Blog in is Blogroll. Amazingly enough, a few people actually read some of the drivel I've written so far! Today/tonight, however, is a bummer. I am really tired on this next to last midnight shift and I'm going to get out of here on annual leave a little early this morning and try to get caught up on rest. I need to get up today soon enough to get some errands run as I'm almost outta food! One of the things that kept me up yesterday was messing with MS Front Page (which I've never used before) to create the raw beginnings of a web site for the MG. You can view it HERE.

While I was messing around yesterday I listened to the news on TV. Yeah, Yeah....I know! Ready made depression. Anyway, the Liberals were still whimpering about the useless "assault weapons ban" expiring... as if they knew anything about assault weapons. Of course, Kerry was already accusing Bush of murdering women and little children by not doing anything about the ban expiration - never mind that most of the Democrats with even half a brain have long since figured out that the bill had done little or no good anyway as it was far to weak and watered down. Fox did the fair and balanced thing and brought on a proponent of renewing the ban as well as Wayne LaPierre (sp?) from the NRA. After the whiner finished, Mr. LaPierre assured the interviewer that the ban had been worthless to begin and that the NRA would certainly have supported a bill which would have addressed the problem. I pulled my NRA card out of my wallet and looked. Yup. I'm still on board and Wayne is a pretty darn good representative of my views. I'm a gun owner. A responsible one. I haven't murdered anyones mother or babies in many years now... but at the rate some of these bleeding heart Liberals are going..................

Anyway, Kerry came off looking like an ignorant Bozo on the gun issue too, so I imagine he'll be hard pressed to gain any ground on Bush there either. He might have had a chance if he hadn't dragged Vietnam into everything. In my experience when someone screams that loudly about unfair criticism and wounded pride, they are usually trying desparately to cover up something dirty down below. What's more, who would leave their combat outfit 8 months before their tour was up unless they absolutely couldn't help their buddies fight any more? Nobody I ever knew in my 13 years of military service would have left after only 4 months of a one year tour knowing their buddies were still there fighting. You'd have had to tie most of them up and carry them to get them away from their unit. Too much about Kerry reeks of lies, deceit and self-agrandizment.

Rehearsal went by in a flash last night. I do enjoy that bunch of people so!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Watching those I value being defrocked...

It really sucks to see people that mean something in the world, people who hold some truth and some grit in their lives, get the big red banana! Long conversations today via chat and email. Conversations concerning the things that some of us believe will wreck quality in the exercise of our science. Al#1 and Al#2, bc, Roach, Rogellio, Jason and Ed all participating - and providing some damned fine thinking and ideas. Probably doesn't mean much to anyone else. Does to us. Maybe I should have them put "Screw the rest of you!" on the tombstone. I could have it made up now and set it on the front porch until it's needed. F#*king government bureaucracy!

Today, after I got up, I put the last of "The Song" together. Now I have to set up a recording session with Steve and get it on CD. I'm gonna give it to Mark Bennett. It would be a real kick if Kansas Heart used it in a show!! Don't like to brag, but I think this one is a lot better than most of the other ones I've written over the years. Maybe somebody else will think so too.

If a fancy picture and a slogan are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have one of those jobs that will soon be taken over by automation.

Selsden lives again tonight, what?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kick Ass Bluegrass!!

Went down for about an hour and listened to "Kansas Heart" at Cowtown. Man, Jimmy Pryor just blows you away with his guitar work! Anyway, that was the nice part of my evening as I had to go to work later and am still sitting here bleary eyed at 7:00 am. Before going down to the Cowtown on the bike, I tried to go in the MG. No luck. Still have the stalling problem which acts like fuel starvation. This time I was lucky enough to hear the fuel pump ticking continually in the garage before I left so I'm guessing I've either got a bad fuel pump or a gunk blockage somewhere in the fuel system. Damn! Guess I'll have to take down the fuel system, clean it all out and test the electric fuel pump. RPITA!