Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The French inspire a new word for your vocabulary!

Our erstwhile ally Jacques Chirac and his comrades in arms have once again cast all caution to the wind and leaped into maelstrom of world affairs with gusto. Having assisted the US in crafting a truly stern, vigorous and narrowly defined Resolution 1701 in the UN Security Council, our "devil may care" friends have now struck fear into the hearts of world terrorism. Not since LaFayette's arrival on America's shores has the world seen such grim determination from the French. Surely Hezbollah and the other rag-tag middle-east riff-raff are now quaking in their boots! I say, "Vive La France!!" And thank heaven our age old benefactor has seen fit to save our very bacon once again!

Only LaFayette came ashore to do battle with more grandeur! They say that he brought his somewhat larger entourage over in an actual ship! I read that some of them had guns. And used them, too! I am so inspired that I have decided to undertake a campaign to add a new term to the English language, to whit:

French verb (french) 'ed, 'ing, 'es. 'er :

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of fear or cowardice.
2. To renege or fail to carry out a promise, resolution or commitment: frenched on the resolution at the last minute.


An act or instance of frenching as committed by a frencher.


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