Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Blame Game as played in Europe...

I recently watched a very illuminating National Geographic Worldview program titled, “Does Europe hate the US”? Having friends in Europe with whom I correspond fairly often I wasn’t very surprised by the perceptions of the Europeans who were interviewed. However, this was the first time I had really put two and two together on this subject.

The investigative reporter came to the conclusion that Europe is essentially mooching off of the United States since the fall of communism. That is to say, they (collectively) feel that they don’t have to worry about protecting themselves from aggressors or fanatical ideologues because “good ol’” America is doing it for them. The US is spending all that money on defense leaving our European friends(?) to provide much more extensive social services for their people with the money they would otherwise have to spend on their defense. Furthermore, their increasingly liberal, socialistic trend is a result of their singular concentration on social services. As a result, it is hardly surprising that, without their even realizing it, a huge Middle Eastern population explosion has taken place across Europe.

Incredibly, most of the youngsters interviewed (and my personal contacts confirm that the majority of the younger generations who have not known war feel this way) claimed that while they really loved America (and, incidentally, American clothes, music, cars, food, stores, pizza….ad nauseam), they felt that they should be the ones to determine whether some other country represents a world threat, and then how the US should respond to such a threat. Furthermore, many of them complain that since 9/11 American immigration rules have become so restrictive that they can no longer enter *their* America whenever they want to and do whatever they want if they do get in.

The overwhelming majority of the Muslim, fundamentalist, Jihadists who wish to destroy western civilization (and whom we know now to be responsible for the attack of 9/11 among others), are of Middle Eastern decent. While our European friends(?) complain about our restrictive immigration policies, they have turned a blind eye to the flood of middle easterners in their own countries. The train bombings in Madrid and London, and the race riots across France are the result of their blindness. I doubt that many of them even realize it!

Fine. Let them continue to sit around in denial of reality and blame the US for their ills. It won't be very much longer before Middle East oil money takes over their countries bringing more Muslim, fundamentalism Jihadists with it. It is even more amusing to see that since they love all our American "stuff", they don't really want to upset us so much that we take it away from them, so they conveniently place their very vocal "blame" for all of this on one person. "President George W. Bush", the "great satan" who has taken *their* America away from them and set it on the destructive path of war!

It is hard to comprehend the arrogance of these people. People who are perfectly willing to allow the US to take care of all the dirty laundry of the world, but *only* when directed to do so by them. People who expect the US, as the strongest nation in the free world, to provide protection but who think that the US should consult them (presumably because they are so much smarter and wiser in the ways of the world) before doing things like regulating our own borders or distributing our money as foreign aid.

I, for one, have had it with their arrogance. I suppose, as we have done in WWI and WWII, we will some day have to step in and straighten out the mess their inattentiveness to reality has once again created. In the meantime, I suggest that we forget foreign relations etiquette and let them know what *we* think *they* are doing wrong instead of sitting politely by and listening to their arrogant drivel and general condemnation of what we as a country do in the world.

What do you think?

Friday, December 02, 2005

He lives!!!

Yes, I'm still around. It's been a long time - 4 1/2 months since my last blog post and so much has been going on that I have had other priorities than the blog. Well, now I appear to be at least semi caught up so have time to post a few thoughts.

    Controlling the Boarders:
Let's do it the way they used to! Muskets, barge poles, blunderbus and cutlasses!! Avast, me hardies!! Man the bilge pumps and full speed ahead! Stand by to repel boarders!!

Huh? What? Not that kind of boarders?? oh... nevermind...

    New Word Definitions:
Liar: n. li-ar: 1) One who tells lies. [Recently added definitions:] 2) One who takes decisive action based upon possibly inaccurate or faulty information. 3) Anyone named George W. Bush.

n. 1) Any of various tropical Old World lizards of the family Chamaeleonidae, characterized by their ability to change color. 2) Any of various midlatitude liberal politicians named Clinton, Kerry or Kennedy, characterized by their ability to change positions at the drop of a hat.

Oh... And here's my most recent shot at motivating Dodge Citians in a useful direction rather than their typical mode of foot shooting....

At the recent visioning meeting held at the Civic Center, when asked
to identify Dodge City's single greatest asset, the overwhelming majority
of the participants cited our name recognition and history. They cited
it by more than 6 to one over any other identified asset.

We now have a considerable amount of money in the "Why Not Dodge"
fund which is required to be used to "enhance our economy and provide
entertainment". In the absence of a special events center, this money
should be dedicated to taking advantage of that 'single greatest asset'.
It should be used to assist in funding projects which will bring tourists
and their money to Dodge City from across the globe. We have to think
a whole lot bigger than the projects currently under discussion - a water
park and/or jail. Neither of those projects takes advantage of our name
recognition or history.

This community should establish a Western Heritage Cultural Center. A
facility which can be used as a combination of many things including (but
certainly not limited to) a Western Heritage Museum, Western Living
History, a Dude Ranch Cattle Drive, a Western Arts Center, a Cowboy
Cultural Center, a Rodeo Center/Museum, Western Convention
Center...etc. etc. etc.

Such a center would draw tourists to Dodge City from all over the world
infusing money into the local economy as well as providing entertainment.
A number of influential people from Hollywood and elsewhere have already
expressed excitement over this idea. Some have agreed to serve on an
advisory board of such an organization.

Remember, no one in Waltham, MA is going to plan a week's vacation
in Dodge City to savour the old west flavor of a water park or jail. No
money is going to come into the local economy from those projects. In
fact, they will probably end up costing us money in the long run as they
require maintanence and upkeep among other expenses.

How do we get something like this started? First we have to convince our
commissioners that it is the best use of the "Why Not Dodge" funds. Next,
we start small and work up. We buy the old Robinson Furniture building
in the historic district and start the Western Heritage Cultural Center there.
Later, as the tourism increase brought about by the center brings in more
money to the city, we build a new complex colocated with the historic
district with an old west flavored facade. The details can be worked out
as we go along, but we must get started soon or we will lose the
opportunity that the "Why Not Dodge" funds provide. Talk to your
commisioners. You can help make this a reality for our community.