Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's what we have to do......

I was glancing through some quotations today and came across one from Barack Obama.

*If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists - to protect them and to promote their common welfare - all else is lost.*

This got me thinking about how Obama perceives the purpose of government as opposed to how I (and others) see it. Dietz, Hobbes and the "Social Contract" theory defines the fundamental purpose of government much as I do:

*People in a community create and submit to government for the purpose of establishing for themselves, safety and public order.*

In other words, we, the governed, create an orderly structure which we agree to observe and which guarantees our safety.

Note that this idea does NOT include any mention of a "Common Welfare" for those being governed. *THAT* concept is found only in Obama's idea (and, I suspect, in the minds of many liberal thinkers) of what government exists for!

This explains exactly what we have seen happen since January 20th - "promotion of the common welfare". How does government do that? Well, first it has to have a majority of people in the community that either like the idea of promoting the common welfare, or, failing that, a majority of people who are not willing to participate in their government for whatever reason.

Now, the definition of "Social Democracy" is:

*The formation of a democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices.*

The words "democratic welfare state" are interesting. It basically means that through "democratic" practices, the "community" has chosen a "welfare state." And what does a welfare state do? Why, it "promotes common welfare", of course.

Sooooo...... Barack believes that the government needs to provide for your protection AND push for a democratic welfare state.

Bottom line - a good hunk of the Democratic Party in America has become a Social Democratic Party. Only the Democratic centrists still believe in a capitalistic based democracy - one where each person is responsible for their own welfare.

In effect we now have a three party system in this country. Republicans, Democrats, and Social Democrats.

Now go do your homework if you need to. Look at what the Social Democrats have accomplished elsewhere in the world and consider if you wish your government to follow suit. If you are as stunned as I am by what you see, organize other independents, moderates, and conservatives. Yes and even Democrat centrists! And most importantly, inspire the previously indifferent to get involved in their government!

We must unseat the social democrats in our local, state and national governments and we must do so quickly before the damage is too extreme to repair.


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