Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm back, at last!!

Well, here I am back again well over a year since my last post. I am now a fully retired person and I must admit what people told me about retirement is certainly true. I am busier now than ever before!! Anyway, here is my comment on the primary campaigns to date. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time I so desire in the future ;-)

It is patently obvious that HillaBilly have begun spinning the race issue in the opposite direction. Let us remember that there are two sides to the race card. Racism dead in America? Not as long as the Clintons are around!

How about the previous several weeks when HillaBilly was trying desperately to show that *they* (not just she) were blacker than Obama was. Incredible!! Talk about your racial enablers!! Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan have NOTHING on HillaBilly! Create racism where none exists!! I loved her "my ass is blacker than yours" attitude during the recent SC debates! Man! What nerve!! For all intents and purposes she looked Obama in the eye and told him she (and Bill, of course) was blacker than he was! Are some people really dumb enough to fall for that crap?! Apparently so.

Eventually though, I do hope Billary gets the nomination. I think her "all things to all people" positioning will NOT server her well in the general election. It causes her to make mistakes and comes off too phony.

Because of that, Billary can be beaten by McCain, Romney, Giuliani or some combination thereof. Obama with momentum would be very hard to stop. Young voters who don't know their history and who are strong idealists find his freshness attractive but I don't think he possesses the experience and judgement to run the country in time of crisis both economically and in the war against terror.

The main mistake that all the candidates are making concerning the war (and I think that will become the major issue in the general election) is their read of the American public. True enough if we believe the pollsters, the public overwhelmingly wants the war to end. Surprise! Just like WWI, WWII, Korea...etc! What the candidates are missing (all except McCain and Giuliani) is that the majority of the public still wants the war to end honorably - preferably in a victory!!

We learned about precipitous withdrawal in the 1970s. Have we forgotten that already? Maybe so. An increasing number of today's voters weren't even born yet when we ignominiously pulled out of Vietnam leaving the communists to slaughter millions of innocents and shaming America as a country that doesn't keep its promises and is growing very weak.